Since 1991, Robot Battles has been staging robotic combat competitions (mostly) around the United States, with annual events currently held in Chattanooga at Chattacon, in Atlanta at DragonCon, and near Nashville at the Geek Media Expo, as well as standalone events such as the Chattanooga Mini-Maker Faire.

We have also held past events in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and even as far away as Barcelona, Spain.

Robot Battles is one of the oldest continuously running robotic combat competitions in the world, and is a direct descendant of the oldest still running robotic event: the "Critter Crunch" held every year at MileHiCon in Denver.

So what makes Robot Battles different? Well, we don't have a TV show, we don't have supermodels, and we don't have huge cash prizes. What we do have is a creatively unique host, some of the most imaginative builders around, and the most involved audiences in the country. And, of course, lots and lots of intense one-on-one mechanical mayhem matches.

OCTOBER UPDATE: Congratulations to Glenn Gass, Antweight winner, and Jason Brown, Beetleweight winner at Robot Battles 51 at the Chattanooga Mini Maker Faire. And thanks to everyone who turned out to participate and support the event. A great time was had by all, and we look forward to making this an annual event (especially now that we have a local arena, thanks to the hard work of the folks at Chatt*Lab). We have photos from the event up on our Facebook page.

Our next competition, Robot Battles 52, will be held at the Geek Media Expo near Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday, October 26th. The event, which will include Ants, Beetles and a mini-sumo demo, will take place at the Cool Springs Conference Center & Franklin Marriott in Franklin, Tennessee. Check-in and registration begins at 8 a.m., with the competition starting at 10 a.m. Hope to see you there!

For full details and answers to any questions, please join our Robot Battles Yahoo Group or visit us on our Facebook page.

Geek Media Expo Due to positive response, we are planning to return to the the Geek Media Expo (GMX) in Nashville  on Sunday, October 26th for another Robot Microbattles event. A very fun convention, with an entire "makers" room along with panels & workshops.
Chattacon The crowds keep growing and the competition gets tougher every year at the Robot Microbattles event at the Chattacon convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee, becomes ever more popular. Makes plans to compete at the Chattanooga Choo Choo in January of 2015!
DragonCon For the 25th year in a row, we will be returning to Atlanta for the Dragon*Con convention and our largest competition of the year. Held for two days over the Labor Day Weekend of 2015, this is the one robotic event of the year you do NOT want to miss!
Robot Battles photos The Robot Battles Facebook page is a growing repository of photos from events, most notably from recent Robot battles events as well as photos going all the way back to the very early days. It also has plenty of link to other photo and video collections.
Robot Battles photos Dale Heatherington has an extensive collection of photos and videos from the DragonCon competitions going all the way back to 2001. He also has photos from all his various robot projects and much more. It's a great site to visit for all robotic enthusiasts.
Robot Battles photos Michael Jeffries of Near Chaos Robotics has also been compiling a very lengthy collection of videos of Robot Battles competitions on his "MikeNCR" YouTube Channel, as well as test footage of the various robots he has under construction.

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